The critical importance of brand identity and any identity can be illustrated by the story of a notorious criminal, who changed his appearance in order to escape prosecution. He has undergone plastic surgery procedures several times, that is he has tried to manipulate his visual identity, to stay free.
On the positive side, building and maintaining a distinctive brand identity contributes greatly to business success. At van Brand we take both brand identity creation and business success of our clients very seriously, while letting our imagination take unexpected routs and deliver unique brand and corporate identity ideas to our present and prospective clients that sets them apart from their competitors and are in sync with their positioning.

Welcome to van Brand.
Van Brand, a brand identity development studio, is founded by Ivan Blagoev, an Art and Creative Director in advertising, with substantial experience in international ad agencies. He has worked for established brands such as Nivea, Nivea Men, Eucerin, Oreo, Lavazza, Glade, Raid, as well as for exciting new, local brands. Take a look at his portfolio.
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