The challenge. 2011

In a retail pastry and bakery market, saturated with all purpose pastry shops, the cupcake bakery segment in Bulgaria was virtually non-existent. Take a Cake begun its operations in 2011 but approached van Brand with its unique brand name and positioning strategy in late 2010. Take a Cake was focused in producing and marketing of high quality cupcakes and muffins only. They insisted on developing a brand identity that was to be both distinctively different from competitors and convincingly defining the core business values.

The concept

The vast majority of big and small market players used a candy-like image, employing not well constructed, italic typefaces. Most existing brands presented a uniform visual mix of deliberately unpretentious and colorful image.

Van Brand took advantage of the present situation and proposed a solid, reliable logo. Its main advantages was the use of well-designed sans serif font, organized in a way that shows not only the variety of product range but also the product focus of the company.

Take a Cake selected a logo that clearly differentiated its offerings from competition. As a second branding element, van Brand developed a series of drawings. They were made exclusively for Take a Cake, hand-drawn with pencil on artistic paper and then digitally adapted for disposable paper cups, business cards and the website.

The execution

The website

The characteristic drawings appear on the background.

The complementary offerings – coffee beverages – supported the core product image: top quality, hand-made style cupcakes and muffins. One of the nearest contact with Take a Cake for most clients,

The coffee cups

Тhe business cards

A visually memorable reminder of Take a Cake that corresponds to the shape of cupcakes.

The sign in the bakeries

Made of wood, it adds to the warm impression of home-made style pastries.


Boxes of recycled paper, with no print on them, branded only with a sticker. Home-made, environmentally friendly style.

The Brand Book

At van Brand we believe that inspiration, talent and creativity are nothing without technical expertise. That is why we equipped Take a Cake with a Brand Book to make sure all concepts are implemented correctly.

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