The challenge

In late 2014 Dabov Specialty Coffee, then My Gourmet World, was already an established name in Retail and HoReCa Specialty Coffee market. While serving the niche segment with high quality specialty coffee thanks to its state-of-the-art process of selection of green coffee, blending, roasting, and packaging, My Gourmet World faced serious branding issues.

The brand name My Gourmet World was too generic and was not capable to point out the main competitive advantage of the organization. The narrow product focus and exceptional expertise of its founders in the field of Specialty Coffee remained hidden behind the present brand identity. Under My Gourmet World (the umbrella brand) there was a coffee brand – My Gourmet Café – which further complicated the situation.

The concept

To sort things out, van Brand proposed a new branding strategy, based on several elements:
  • Van Brand included in the new brand name the name of its co-founder – Jordan Dabov – an internationally renowned expert in the world of Specialty Coffee and a juror at Cup of Excellence. This gave credibility to the brand thanks to its internationally and locally well-known co-founder’s name.
  • Van Brand added to the brand name the words Specialty Coffee as inseparable part of the logotype. This bounded the name Dabov with the niche market of Specialty Coffee and created an unambiguous brand name that instantly made clear the focus of its offerings. 
  • Among different visual propositions, Dabov Specialty Coffee chose a serious yet friendly logotype coupled with a graphic sign, based on the letters D, S, and C.

  • Based on Van Brand’s suggestions, the brands My Gourmet World and My Gourmet Café were phased out. 
  • Dabov Specialty Coffee became an umbrella brand as well, under which van Brand developed several brands in order to cover different services and activities of the firm:
Dabov Specialty Coffee Academy
Dabov Specialty Coffee Catering
Dabov Specialty Coffee Consultancy

The execution

The rebranding process started with new

Italian high quality espresso and cappuccino porcelain cups

Next, van Brand designed

New labels, 

based on the client’s input that Specialty Coffee connoisseurs are attracted by rather clearly presented and structured information than by visually appealing packaging design.

Business cards 

in a surprising shape – the shape of coffee filters. The shape is convenient, fits well in every business card holder and stands out at the same time.

The Brand Book

At van Brand we are serious about excellent craftsmanship alongside talent and creativity. We provided Dabov Specialty Coffee with certified colour proofed hard copy Brand Book to serve them in their quality production efforts.

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