The challenge

How do you make a face lift to an already successful brand? DelmarTe contacted van Brand with a challenging brief: they felt that the brand name was ok, but the logo needed a face lift. We agreed that the brand name was viable – it suggested an exotic mix of tea and art! The visual representation needed a serious attention, though. The typeface was a good choice but it featured floppy royalty-free clip art graphic elements.

The old logo

The concept

The most serious issues were the stylistic discrepancies between the typeface and the low quality graphics. Van Brand decided to rework two critical elements: the lotus and the supporting base of the logotype.

The lotus

It needed simplification and a stylistic match with the font. Van Brand created a brand new, solid and calligraphically appropriate lotus symbol.

The base 

In order to support the floating logotype, van Brand came up with a solution: it brought the element in sync with the rest of the logo and simultaneously interweaved the capital Q as a part of the tagline – High Quality Tea.

The execution

Metal tea boxes, designed to be versatile

The blank label frame provided a way of customizing the box with different labels in the same shape, matching the fluctuating demand for various tea types. 

Tea tags corresponded to the main theme

Implementation of the new logo on high end tea cups

The correct execution of bas-relief was the main task van Brand was involved in.

The Brand Book

Ideas are of little value unless they are well executed and skillfully adapted for various purposes. Van Brand developed the necessary tool to guide implementation of redesigned logo – The DelmarTe Brand Book.

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